10 Best Cities in Canada for Immigrants with Family

Every city in Canada has its own unique charm and benefits. Here are 10 of the best cities for immigrants with family.


Planning to immigrate to Canada? That, my friend, is a wonderful choice to make, Canada presents you with the opportunity to live the best life you can imagine.

If you are an immigrant with family, choosing the best city to live in Canada can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, such as jobs, schools, and of course, quality of life. The most difficult choice to make while deciding on relocating to Canada will be where exactly you should settle in Canada, where could be the best place for you and your family.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best cities in Canada for immigrants with family. This article aims to equip you with ample information on the best cities in Canada to live for immigrants with their families.

Why Immigrate to Canada?
Canada is a dreamland for most immigrants globally, ranking at the very top of all things good and pleasant as far as living and lifestyle are concerned.

With one of the highest rates of employment opportunities anywhere in the world, standard, world-class Health care system, impeccable security, stable and thriving economy, and a cutting edge education.

Therefore, immigrating to Canada will be one of the best decisions of a lifetime.


You will find in this article, an expose’ on the best cities in Canada suitable for new immigrants, especially those with family.

Advantage Of Choosing To Move To Canada
It is no doubt that Canada is one of the safest places in the world, in addition to boasting a beautiful and scenic landscape, the country avails you of a lot of job opportunities and is renowned for its pleasantness towards newcomers. Canada’s immigration system is designed to assist workers permanently immigrate even without a job offer.
Canada can offer you a permanent residence status in the shortest possible time compared to most other countries.
Permanent resident status avails you of the legal right to live and work where ever you want in Canada for as long as you please even with your family too.
It is on the agenda of the Canadian government to bring in more than 1 million permanent residences within the next three years. This is a chance of a lifetime for many immigrants
Available Options For Immigrating To Canada

10 Best Cities To Live In Canada For New Immigrants And Family

#1. Ottawa, Ontario
Low crime rate, good quality of life, public transport is awesome, with a low population.
Ottawa is listed as one of the best-educated cities in Canada.
A home to very standard and high-ranking universities, especially the University of Ottawa.
Though higher than average the cost of living in Ottawa is very affordable.
Very low unemployment.
The most growing areas of employment are naturally Applied Sciences, related education, law and community, and management occupations.
English language is mostly spoken, whereas an understanding and learning of French also benefits as regards integrating well into the community.

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#2. Oakville, Ontario
Oakville is a wonderful city to settle in, in Canada.
This is a pleasant suburban town located in southern Ontario,30mins from downtown Toronto.
It is strategically located in both Toronto and Hamilton, therefore, allowing residents easy access to amenities and the job market of both cities while keeping the advantages of a small suburb.
The city is popular for its life science companies, especially in pharmaceuticals and eldercare.

#3. Quebec City, Quebec
Added to the beauty, Quebec City’s quality of life for new immigrants is unmatched.
Daily groceries and amenities are quite competitive, also tuition fees here are very affordable.
Quebec offers free health care.
If you fancy the French language, Quebec City is the place you want to be, as it is the predominant language of communication.
Known for its friendliness and respect for diversity.
It is a tourist destination for most people because every year visitors from around the world choose to visit here.

#4. Calgary, Alberta
This is the biggest city in Alberta and also, the third-largest urban area in Canada.
Canada’s oil industry fosters Calgary’s rapid growth.
A well-renowned city is attractive, especially to engineers, mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs.
Calgary’s economic boom is due to the oil and gas industry, been a major driving force. Nevertheless, Calgary is in the process of diversifying its economy to other sectors.
The world-famous Banff National Park which is home to many of the natural wonders is sited here.
Its plethora of parks and playgrounds with a progressive school system makes it an awesome location to raise kids.
Crime rate here is low, while its unemployment is improving gradually, with many more new immigrants entering to live and work in Calgary.

#5. Burlington, Ontario
This place is a perfect location for anyone who wants to live in a big city, also close to nature and great outdoor sites
A very good and quality lifestyle for residents with lots of schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities.
By ranking, Burlington is amongst the most expensive cities to live in Canada.
The city, however, boasts a low unemployment rate, has pleasant weather, a low crime rate, with high incomes.
Jobs are easy to find in Burlington.
Thriving industrial sectors in Burlington are food processing, packaging, electronics, transportation, business services, chemical, and environmental sectors.

#6. Halifax, Nova Scotia
A low property tax, government jobs as the primary employer, a safe and clean environment, are characteristics, which make Halifax amongst the best cities to live in Canada.
Thousands of young professionals and new immigrants are welcomed to Halifax every year.
Halifax offers an enviable combination of urban and rural living, with an East Coast lifestyle which you will certainly fall in love with.
There are excellent housing options here, which cost competitively low, compare to other North American cities.
The major sources of industries currently at Halifax are; agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry, and natural gas extraction.

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#7. Kingston, Ontario
This is one of the most romantic places in Canada.
It has a very beautiful lakefront, excellent restaurants, and historic architecture.
Kingston is very low in crime, therefore, one of the safest places in the country and a good place to retire.
Lower housing costs are prevalent here, with a low property tax, good array of new and resale houses for competitive costs.
Affordable medical care due to government-financed Ontario health insurance plan.

#8. Toronto, Ontario
This famous city ranks high as one of the happiest places to live and work in the world.
The city is well known for its high quality of life, it is used to demonstrate excellence in innovation, health, safety and security, and ease of doing business.
However, housing cost is becoming quite high, thus making it less affordable.
The unemployment rate is also very low, consequently, individuals are reported to be satisfied with the varied array of job opportunities in the city.
A booming industry in Toronto is Information technology, in Toronto, all Silicon Valley’s companies have a very huge presence. Many artificial intelligence startups can also be found in Toronto.
There is a dynamic and exciting atmosphere in Toronto which is ideal for healthy and self-sufficient seniors to enjoy. Toronto is an ideal place to consider as a retirement home.

#9. Montreal, Quebec
This city is Canada’s second-largest economy.
Montreal is one of the finest cities in Canada to raise kids, I dare to say in the world.
Montreal kids are likely to mature, into learning both the languages French and English.
Parents and guardians find it quite easy to enter the labor market or to continue their studies.
More than in other large cities in Canada. Generally, Living costs in Montreal are more affordable
Householders’ amenities are priced quite differently and generally charged per month.
#10. Vancouver, British Columbia
This is a metropolitan city with the feel of a small town, it is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada.

With 52% of its population listed as non-English speakers.
Most of Toronto’s unique neighborhoods present a plethora of opportunities as regards employment and recreational activities.

The city boasts itself as s family-friendly place, which is filled with amazing things to do with your kids.
The city has very highly rated educational institutions, therefore, it is a fine city to raise children.
The downside to Vancouver is that its cost of living and housing prices are very high when compared with other cities in Canada. Nevertheless, the average income and lifestyle in the city make it an excellent compensation.


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